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Audible Pleasures: Lecrae Anomaly Tour

Remember a couple weeks ago, I talked about how much I loved Lecrae’s new album, Anomaly. Well I was able to get a pair of tickets to see him in concert for the Anomaly tour. I did not know what to expect actually. I’ve been to many Christian events and in contrast, many hip hop concerts but not a Christian hop hop concert. This was different but it was EVERYTHING and more. I always say music is the universal language because it brings together people from various walks of life. Young, old, Black, White, Latino, Asian. All there to enjoy this amazing performance by Lecrae. It truly was a blessing! The show had a opener, Andy Mineo, who I had never of but was incredibly energetic and the perfect opener for Lecrae. My friend and I were Google-ing him like who is this cat? She downloaded his album on iTunes right there. Lol. image Continue reading

Audible Pleasures: Lecrae’s Anomaly

I truly believe music is the universal language. There’s something about the melody, beat, lyrics of a song that can bring people of different race, cultures, etc together in one room. And to me that is magical. I’m starting a series called Audible Pleasures. In this series, you can expect music suggestions, concert reviews, throwback jams, etc. Anything pretty much related to music basically. Now we’re on the same page, let’s get into the first installment.

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I’ve never been a fan of gospel rap or gospel hip hop. To me it just didn’t mix. It was either gospel OR hip hop/rap. But here comes Lecrae’s new album. Released this earlier this year, Lecrae dropped a new album and it’s pretty dope. What I like about this album is it’s not preachy. It’s more telling a story of what it’s like to be a Christian in today’s society. Each song targets an issue you have felt or currently feeling as being a believer. Like the song Anomaly, talks about how God created us to be different, declaring “we are the odd, the outcast, the peculiar, the strangers. And they say you don’t fit in but I say, we are exactly who God created us to be.” Then you have Nuthin, critiquing current hip hop stars/rappers about how they aren’t rapping about anything of substance. Just money, girls, etc. when there is so much more to life. Conscious hip hop with the message of God. My kind of music!

If you are try it before you buy it type of person, the album is on Spotify. Have you listened to it? Let me know what you think in the comments!