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#BHMonCM: Paint With All The Colors

Continuing with the song lyrics as titles, I guess you can assume what today feature will be. I always admire people’s ability to express themselves through visual art mediums such as watercolor painting, sculpture or acrylic painting. Even combining mediums to create a masterpiece. Today we’ll be looking at 5 painters that create visual treasures by the stroke of their hand.

Black Painters, black history month
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#BHMonCM: Dance Boogie Wonderland

I’ll have to admit Boogie Wonderland is one of my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire songs. Also one of the soul best collabs of all time. I mean, you can’t help but dance when you hear it. (See: video) Speaking of dance, it’s only fitting that we kick off the #BHMonCM series with dance. For new readers, I’m a former dancer, technically trained. Yes, like ballet and shit. Word to Drake. Let’s get into this list.

Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland

I’ll be remiss if I didn’t include one of my favorite dancers in this list. I became a fan of Misty Copeland while I was dancing because she was one of the only black dancers in the Discount Dance Supply catalog. Every month I would look in there to see what leotard she was wearing and ask my mom to purchase it. Fast forward years later, she made history last year by becoming American Ballet Theatre’s first black woman principal dancer. It seemed like an overnight success to some but not realizing that she has been pursuing this dream for a number of years. With endorsements from Under Armour and most recently Seiko, Misty has changed the face of ballet and inspiring the next generation of ballet dancers. Continue reading


Happy February! Happy Black History Month! As we all know Black History is American History and even further, it’s world history. Tomorrow I will be kicking off our Black History Month series, #BMHonCM. In weekly posts, I will share black leaders in arts. From painters to dancers to thespians, I’ll cover both young and old artists you need to know about. Journey with me as we explore black artistry.
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