Audible Pleasures: Lecrae Anomaly Tour

Remember a couple weeks ago, I talked about how much I loved Lecrae’s new album, Anomaly. Well I was able to get a pair of tickets to see him in concert for the Anomaly tour. I did not know what to expect actually. I’ve been to many Christian events and in contrast, many hip hop concerts but not a Christian hop hop concert. This was different but it was EVERYTHING and more. I always say music is the universal language because it brings together people from various walks of life. Young, old, Black, White, Latino, Asian. All there to enjoy this amazing performance by Lecrae. It truly was a blessing! The show had a opener, Andy Mineo, who I had never of but was incredibly energetic and the perfect opener for Lecrae. My friend and I were Google-ing him like who is this cat? She downloaded his album on iTunes right there. Lol. image

Finally Lecrae came on stage and I got my life. He started off with three of my favorite songs off the album, Welcome to America, Nuthin and Outsiders. I was too hype! But the energy from the crowd seemed too low for me. I kept saying to my friend, this is the last stop of tour plus he’s home. People need to show him some hometown love.  As the concert progressed, the energy picked up and you could tell Lecrae was feeling it even more. As a former performer (I was a dancer in my former life), you can definitely feel the energy (or lack thereof) from the audience. It made many of the nervous feeling go away because you have a great crowd. Whenever I’m in the audience, I try to give good energy, yell, dance, etc. Makes it more entertaining anyways. The light show during Give In was incredible!


One of the more touching parts of the concert was when Lecrae invited a 15 year old who has cancer to perform with him on stage. Very sweet and you could tell the young man was a living one of his dreams! Another thing I loved about the show is Lecrae’s ability to tell a story. Before each song, there was a visual presentation/intro video that took you on a journey into different aspects of his life. His creative team gets an A+ for the visual content. There is something about attending concerts that makes me fall in love with the music even more. Working at a performing arts venue has opened my eyes to art of live music and I have fallen in love.


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