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Solange x Puma – Wild Wonder Collection

Solange has always been one of my favorite people. Of course her style makes her an icon and her music touches my soul but more than that, she just seems like a cool chick who is very confident and very loving. About a year ago, I was excited to learn she would be an art director and creative consultant for PUMA. I thought man this is a perfect opportunity for Solange to showcase her design skills and express her hipster personality.

Image Courtesy of Saint Heron

Image Courtesy of Saint Heron

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Cultured Mosaic Brand Identity Process

For the first Design post on the blog, I figured it would be cool to discuss the design process of the Cultured Mosaic brand identity. Is that alright with y’all? Let’s get started.

Whenever you are designing a brand identity, always keep in mind how  you want your brand to be presented. Some questions you should think about: How will the logo be used? Is there a monogram needed? What emotions do you want the brand to evoke? When I thought about brand identity for Cultured Mosaic, I wanted a clean design with vibrancy and color. To me, that’s what culture screams especially art and design. I began researching mosaics and created a moodboard. Based on the board, I was looking a clean, modern design.  Continue reading