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Designer Spotlight: Jason Dempsey

One of the reasons I started this blog is to give graphic designers of color a platform to share their work. As a graphic designer of color, I know the struggle of showcasing your designs to the world. I also couldn’t find a space that celebrated us in the art, design and culture space. I’ve been told if you don’t see what you want, then create it.

Jason Dempsey_Balm and Co

Kicking off this feature is graphic designer Jason Dempsey based out of Atlanta. I found his work through Alex Elle’s company with her daughter called Balm and Co. The product branding is what lured me in. The aesthetic is so clean and modern. It feels like a mainstream luxury brand. Of course, I had to see more where that design came from and the excellence continued.

Jason Dempsey_Selamta

Of course this is my favorite of his designs! Not only is the quote one of my favorites [Quality not quantity], but the type treatment is just DOPE!


Check him out for yourself on his portfolio site: or follow him on Instagram: @jsndmpsy! He’s available for hire so let him get your brand identity together!

Images Courtesy of Jason Dempsey’s Instagram