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3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets

It seems that everyday we wake and there’s another story about police brutality against people of color. It’s disheartening and frustrating. Also scary that the ones are supposed to protect us are the ones who are doing many other things to us than protecting us. In 2012, Jordan Davis and his friends pulled up to a gas station for what seemed like a regular trip. 3 and half minutes later, shots fired and Jordan Davis was dead and his friends were injured. Michael Dunn was charged and convicted with first degree murder (among other charges) and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Ironically enough, I was in Florida during the original trial with my then boyfriend (now hubby) for Valentine’s Day. Events surrounding that horrible day was turned into a documentary called 3 1/2, Ten Bullets, directed by Marc Silver. The documentary premiered this year at the Sundance Festival and received rave reviews. The trailer is chilling and brings tears to my eyes especially when they mention that Trayvon Martin’s dad sends Jordan Davis’ dad a text saying “Welcome into a club that none of us want to be in.” My heart broke all over again. Check out the trailer below and click here to see when the movie is coming to a location near you.


Twenty Seven

TwentySeven Hey there! I know I know…it’s been awhile. Three months to be exact. Longer than I initially anticipated yet the right amount of time needed to recalibrate. Since the last post, I’ve gotten married, saw my brother graduate from basic training, moved into a new place, help plan a birthday celebration for my cousin, organize Mother’s Day, host friends for Memorial Day weekend, plan and execute a HUGE social media campaign for work and celebrate my birthday. I turned 27 hence the post title. So you can see that the last couple months have been crazy for me. In the midst of the craziness of life, I kept thinking about this blog and its purpose. Basically the why. Was I doing it to receive accolades or was I doing it because I’m passionate about sharing OUR stores as it relates to art, design and culture. I did some soul searching and decided that the accolades may or may not come but I am committed to sharing our stories. Stories of black artists, black designers and black culture. My hubby teases me that I am so passionate about celebrating #blackexcellence. And my reply is if not me, then who? With all the negative portrayals of people of color, I want to celebrate our achievements. Especially in this realm of art, design and culture. And I want to use to this blog as the platform for that realm. When I think of black travel, I think of Travel Noire. When people think of black art, design and culture, I want them to think Cultured Mosaic. Consider this the rebirth.