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Mi Soon Come Back


In less than a week, I say I do to the love of my life. Hence my absence from the blog. I thought I would be able to plan the final details of my wedding, work full time, blog twice a week, and spend quality time with my family and beau. In an ideal world I probably could. But going from fittings to tastings to vendor meetings to designing stationary, left me tired and void of energy. So bear with me as I’m beginning a chapter as a wife, I promise to be back soon (soon meaning middle to late March). I have some cool projects and content to share. Stay tuned!

Alvin Ailey in Atlanta!

As I’ve stated a couple posts back, I’m a former dancer. Sorry in advance if I feature more dancers in my posts, I just love seeing black dancers executing movement so effortlessly. At least it looks effortless. I already know the number of hours it takes to perfect a double pirouette or stretch to gain that perfect turn out. (All my dancers will agree.) When I see Alvin Ailey dancers, I think effortless. Their imagery for the new season screams power and iconic.

Courtesy of: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Courtesy of: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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