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Solange x Puma – Wild Wonder Collection

Solange has always been one of my favorite people. Of course her style makes her an icon and her music touches my soul but more than that, she just seems like a cool chick who is very confident and very loving. About a year ago, I was excited to learn she would be an art director and creative consultant for PUMA. I thought man this is a perfect opportunity for Solange to showcase her design skills and express her hipster personality.

Image Courtesy of Saint Heron

Image Courtesy of Saint Heron

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Gordon Parks Exhibition at the High Musuem

A picture is a great way of capturing memories. It’s amazing how one image can bring you back to the place, day, and even time when the photo was taken. And there’s always a story to go with the pictures too. When I look at old photo albums with my parents, they always have a story.This is why I’m excited to share this photographic exhibition with you all. Legendary photojournalist and Essence Magazine co-founder Gordon Parks was a trailblazer in photography industry. He used his camera “as a weapon” against what he hated most about the world: racism, intolerance, poverty. Those three topics became the running themes seen throughout his work. He became the first black photographer working for Vogue and then became the first black staff photographer at Life Magazine.

Gordon Parks

Image Source: Life Magazine

In 1956, Life Magazine published a photographic essay with Parks’ work. The essay were photographs following families in Alabama, focusing how their lives were affected by segregation. The essay exposed the realities of segregation on the American people. It’s a privilege to have some of this collection along with many other images exhibited at the High Museum Art in Atlanta.  I need to make it a point to visit this exhibition since I missed the Fashion Fair exhibition, plus it will be a nice break from all the wedding planning. Be sure to catch this exhibition before it leaves in June!

PANTONE Color of the Year 2015

PANTONE is a company that has standardized colors, used by many industries, through its Pantone Color Matching System. At any given moment you may find a Pantone Coloring Guide in the creative department of any company.

Pantone MarsalaEvery year since 2000, the team at PANTONE selects one color to represent the year. And this year, Marsala was selected! It’s being described as “A naturally robust and earthly wine red. Marsala enriches our minds, bodies, and souls.” Not many are happy with the selection, but this color is perfect for fashion, beauty and home decor industries. I think I’ll have fun with it, just check out my moodboard with some of my favorite things. That Marc Jacobs watch. Pumps. Peonies. Killer combination! Let’s not even mention that cupcake. Scrumptious.Pantone, Marsala

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

NYE2015Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I had special post for Christmas in my drafts that didn’t quite publish. Eh such is life. Lol. 2014 was interesting year! Many highs, lows and in betweens. One of the highs being launching this blog. Honestly I don’t even know why I allowed fear to hold me back from launching it especially since I’ve had this blog as an idea for about two years. Within these two months, I’ve received great reviews even a nice tweet from director of Beyond the Lights, saying how she liked my blog post. Definitely a highlight! I haven’t been as consistent as I would like but I’m getting married in March so bear with me until then.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. I do know that I’m going into this new year with a plan. I bought this awesome blog content planner that I’m excited to use. Of course more *consistent* posts, fresh content, a new design. So cheers to the new year!