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thanksgivingIn light of what’s going on in Ferguson, I’m still thankful. It’s difficult but I am. Thankful that I have breath to blow. Thankful that even though the decision didn’t go the way that I would’ve liked, God is still in the midst. Sometimes it’s difficult to see Him through all the pain and turmoil but He’s there. After the verdict, I broke down after telling my little brother he mattered. But I’m thankful that I could tell him he mattered. This holiday season hug your loved ones a little closer and tell them their lives matter. I’ll be spending some time in the country with my future in-laws/in-loves for Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cultured Mosaic Brand Identity Process

For the first Design post on the blog, I figured it would be cool to discuss the design process of the Cultured Mosaic brand identity. Is that alright with y’all? Let’s get started.

Whenever you are designing a brand identity, always keep in mind how  you want your brand to be presented. Some questions you should think about: How will the logo be used? Is there a monogram needed? What emotions do you want the brand to evoke? When I thought about brand identity for Cultured Mosaic, I wanted a clean design with vibrancy and color. To me, that’s what culture screams especially art and design. I began researching mosaics and created a moodboard. Based on the board, I was looking a clean, modern design.  Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Veronica Marché Miller

Although I am a graphic designer, I cannot draw…well. Lol. I do plan on taking some sketching classes in the future because I believe it’s another skill I can add to my design arsenal. When I come across illustrators, I get excited because their work is inspiring. And then not even mention, a black woman who illustrates. Eeeek I can’t contain myself. I’m geeked to share our first artist of this Artist Spotlight series, Veronica Marché Miller. I came across her work on Renae Bluitt’s site and couldn’t resist looking up more of her work. VM_renae

I fell in love with this Solange inspired illustration, Radio.


I’m OBSESSED with leopard print so homegirl on the left is like my favorite.


As you can see, her work is amazing. So amazing that she caught the attention of TJX Company and now you can purchase her illustrated cards and gift bags in T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Home Goods. #blackgirlsrock

You can view more of her work here. Veronica also just opened her Etsy store and can be hired for personal projects. Contact her:

Misty Copeland x Under Armour

When I found out that Under Armour tapped Misty Copeland as one of their stars for their I Will What I Want campaign, I bout lost my mind. Lol. Let me explain… I have been following Misty Copeland for about 10 years now. As a former dancer, I remember when she modeled leotards for the Discount Dance Supply catalog and I would convince my mom to buy all the leotards that Misty modeled. (Sometimes I succeeded in my plea) I mean, being a black ballet dancer back then was very slim to none. I’ll admit most of my dance classmates (all black) enjoyed jazz and hip hop over ballet. But me? I LOVED ballet. The elegance and precision needed to pursue ballet was right up my alley. So when I saw Misty grace those catalog pages, it gave me hope that was okay to be black and a ballerina despite what my classmates felt. She became my role model not just for dance but in life. To see one of my role models on major campaign with an major athletic company, I felt a sense of pride like a proud family member. From the Boys and Girls Club to American Ballet Theatre to an Under Armour campaign. She has arrived! Not to mention, she went on a worldwide tour with Prince. Yes, THE Prince! What I admire the most though is she’s been working at her craft for YEARS. It may seem she just arrived on the scene because of all this “newfound fame” but in reality, she’s been grindin for a long time. Consistency and hard work. #message

Seeing her perform live and meeting her is one of my dreams. Maybe I’ll get to interview her for Cultured Mosaic. 😉

Enjoy the video and understand that I’ll be posting many entries about Misty Copeland in the future. Cool?

Audible Pleasures: Lecrae’s Anomaly

I truly believe music is the universal language. There’s something about the melody, beat, lyrics of a song that can bring people of different race, cultures, etc together in one room. And to me that is magical. I’m starting a series called Audible Pleasures. In this series, you can expect music suggestions, concert reviews, throwback jams, etc. Anything pretty much related to music basically. Now we’re on the same page, let’s get into the first installment.

Lecrae, Anomaly album art,

Source: Wikipedia

I’ve never been a fan of gospel rap or gospel hip hop. To me it just didn’t mix. It was either gospel OR hip hop/rap. But here comes Lecrae’s new album. Released this earlier this year, Lecrae dropped a new album and it’s pretty dope. What I like about this album is it’s not preachy. It’s more telling a story of what it’s like to be a Christian in today’s society. Each song targets an issue you have felt or currently feeling as being a believer. Like the song Anomaly, talks about how God created us to be different, declaring “we are the odd, the outcast, the peculiar, the strangers. And they say you don’t fit in but I say, we are exactly who God created us to be.” Then you have Nuthin, critiquing current hip hop stars/rappers about how they aren’t rapping about anything of substance. Just money, girls, etc. when there is so much more to life. Conscious hip hop with the message of God. My kind of music!

If you are try it before you buy it type of person, the album is on Spotify. Have you listened to it? Let me know what you think in the comments!